SECFORCE Presents to European Banking Industry in Riederau


SECFORCE Technical Director, Rodrigo Marcos, impressed bankers at an IT Cyber-Security workshop in Germany on Tuesday treating them to a live hacking demonstration. The presentation comes as financial institutions focus more and more on how to foil the dangerous and cutting-edge cyber criminals hiding behind their computer screens around the globe.

During the two day conference Marcos demonstrated how an unsuspecting online banking customer could be targeted and their life-savings stolen without them even noticing that their browser had been compromised.

“It is not common to see competitors in the same industry sharing information security knowledge and organising events like this one. To my mind, it clearly shows the increasing security awareness in the market today.” said Rodrigo Marcos.

The experienced ethical hacker also advised the banks to provide more security tips to their customers such as opening a new browser session when conducting online banking.

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