Protecting your
last line
of defence

To defend their market leading position, Cybereason take a pro-active stance and partner with the best providers to secure their solution.

How Nedbank mitigates cyber attacks

SECFORCE was able to analyse the intelligence from Security Alliance to mimic the scenario of a sophisticated group of financially motivated attackers with a high level of resources.

Gaming Innovation Group

As part of an ongoing due diligence and regulatory compliance exercise, the company needed to assess the security of its services, using a trusted, independent third party.

EBA Clearing. TIBER Engagement

SECFORCE Red Team, EBA Clearing removed many of the barriers to meeting TIBER EU regulatory compliance, improved their security posture and consolidated their business advantage by increasing public trust in their security posture.

Financial Service

SECFORCE worked with Mortgagez to recreate test scenarios that are typically being played out on a daily basis by threat actors against their financial services peers.