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Penetration Testing is a method of assessing the security of a system, network or an entire organisation by emulating a real attack scenario. The ultimate goal is to help identify specific risks which, when addressed, will positively impact on your overall security.
A Targeted Attack Simulation is a full-scope exercise which recreates a real-world targeted attack against an organisation in a risk-controlled environment
If you believe that your company has been compromised, get in touch and one of the members of our dedicated response team will get back to you at the earliest opportunity.
We work with astute organisations that value security as an essential component of their business, expect outstanding levels of service and understand the difference between the various levels of supplier in the market place.
SECFORCE is a world leading information security consultancy specialising in bespoke penetration testing and red team engagements
Targeted Attack
It’s our mission to ensure that your systems and applications are safe from malicious attacks