Ultimately, our clients want security without compromise – and that’s what we aim to deliver,
every day, for every client.

This year so far

Hours of testing
Threats identified
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Technical excellence

We have hired some of the best hackers out there, people who genuinely have a passion for their job. It’s important for us to keep our knowledge up to date on all things related to security, and we do that as a team as well as individually.

You can be assured of a team who have great experience, and keep up to date with the very latest security risks and threats.


Communication seems, in many ways, the simplest of tasks. But it is often what undermines project delivery or client confidence. That’s why we place such a great emphasis on professional, relevant and timely communication.

It could be responding to a request from a client; alerting an organisation to a threat during testing; or simply confirming timings and deliverables. These are the simple things that matter a great deal to our clients – and the success of our assignments.


There is an art to reporting. It’s critical that any report has the relevant information for all of our stakeholders, from the board room to the tech team.

Our reports are structured with executive and technical summaries, as well as a full technical breakdown of the issues. The risks are rated and categorised to facilitate task assignment and speedy remedial action.

As well as a PDF report, we offer our clients remediation plans (in MS Excel), online reporting (accessible via PC, Tablet or Smartphone), and we can feed the findings from any project into project management software such as JIRA, GitHub or BitBucket, making the transition between testing and mitigation seamless.

We also have an API for results integration with your bespoke bug-tracking system.


We pride ourselves on our responsiveness. When we start out on a project, we aim to deliver a full proposal to you within 24 hours of validating the scope. After that, we maintain the same level of commitment and service – whether that’s re-scheduling an assignment because of another priority within your organisation or supporting with additional work or advice.

We’re always here, ready to talk over the phone, in person or over email.

UK tier 1 bank
“We have been working with SECFORCE for more than five years now. We are very happy with the quality of the service, their consistency and their deliverables.”
Online Gaming Company
“I was really impressed with the findings they have logged, and within the short span of engagement, the turnaround was really good.”
Global bank
“SECFORCE delivered our TIBER engagement, and it was clear that they are very familiar with the process, the framework and the regulatory requirements. I would recommend them.”
British multinational retailer
“I was impressed with the quality and flexibility of the team.”

How to select a credible Penetration Testing Vendor

Plotting this journey can be fraught with false dawns, but we hope that the following document will help you select a clear path to selecting the right testing partner.