Why do we do
what we do?


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Yes, we are

We started in this even before we started, as young kids, out of curiosity and passion.

Possibly like yourself right now, we felt security testing was something more than just a hobby or a profession.

Our love for finding flaws and exploring unintended pathways, along with the creative – almost artistic – out of the box thinking was already part of who we were. The thrill, the sense of achievement and the way we forged true friendship with like-minded people.

It became our way of life.

We are
on a mission

We chose to use our talent to make this world a safer place.

To build something for ourselves by protecting what others built before us. That makes us truly believe what we do is both powerful and meaningful.

And we can’t put into words how cool it is to invest your professional life in fighting cybercrime. How amazing it is to contribute to a digital world running better and safer software. How rewarding it is to help organisations which in turn help everyday people to have a safer online experience.

We believe
in balance

Just as we believe our work can bring balance to the digital wars happening everywhere today, we believe that a good job should bring balance to a good life.

We love what we do and we enjoy working at SECFORCE.

However, we understand that everyone’s goal is to have a rewarding and fulfilling life, and a job shouldn’t be an obstacle, but a means to that end.

We can offer

Teaming up with some of the best hackers in the world.
Upgrading your game with access to kick-ass training and top cyber security conferences.
Dedicating 20% of your work time to research and self-development.
Being part of an independent company with its very own idea of success.

We are always looking for

Excellence seekers performing beyond expectations.
Craft lovers with contagious passion.
Respectful, humble and helpful new teammates.
Fun interesting human beings to share the trip.