Penetration Testing

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Adversary Simulation

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Penetration Testing   ⬣ ⬣

The key to an effective penetration test is not simply to identify weaknesses. It is critical to contextualise these weaknesses to understand the real threat risk for the target organisation.

We pride ourselves on conducting comprehensive penetration testing, providing every client with the security issues found, the impact of each issue and the risk for the business. Wherever possible, we look to identify the root cause of the issue and give recommendations at a process and policy level.

Our testing enables the organisation to take immediate and effective action to decrease the chances of a successful security breach; it can also provide a security baseline to track to evolution of IT security within the organisation.

Adversary Simulation   ⬣ ⬣

The real value of an Adversary Simulation stems from its adoption of the assume breach mindset.

This makes it possible to assess the effectiveness of an organisation’s security controls as well as its detection and response capabilities, both at the perimeter and once an attacker has a presence in the corporate network.

This form of security testing helps you to assess the risk and likelihood of a sophisticated attacker gaining persistent access to the network, being able to target business critical systems and extract sensitive data from the corporate network.