Our Mission

To safeguard the world's digital assets through technical excellence and uncompromising quality

We enjoy the element of surprise

SECFORCE has been in business since 2008

During this time, we have established ourselves as a boutique security consultancy, offering best-in-class Penetration Testing and Adversary Simulation.

We are pleased to say that we have worked with organisations where security is an absolute priority – from leading global financial institutions to international defence and security organisations.

and we go on!

Our culture

Finding balance in the SECFORCE universe

is always challenging ourselves to know more
is working without the rules or restrictions of other workplaces
is seeing that we support each other and are united in our approach
is the feeling of doing something we really care about

In our words

“I came here to become a kick-ass penetration tester”
“Having 20% of our time for self development was really attractive to me”
“Rod inspires confidence as a leader (and he didn’t tell me to say this)”
“I didn't want a career in soul-less corporation. SECFORCE seemed like the perfect place!”
“My friend recommended me to join the team, and I am very happy I did!”
“The best part is the 12-week training when I joined”
“I feel proud to be part of this team. I learn new things every day.”
“We take table football as seriously as hacking :-D”