About us

SECFORCE is a cybersecurity consultancy specialized in delivering offensive security services: Penetration Testing and Adversary Simulation

Security is one of the biggest priorities for organisations today.

The threats are real, constant and ever-changing. This is no time to compromise your security.

That is why some of the world’s leading organisations trust SECFORCE to test their systems.

We are a team of exceptional security consultants, with the knowledge and insight to identify vulnerabilities and help you secure your systems.

Our Services

Penetration Testing

The key to an effective penetration test is not simply to identify weaknesses. It is critical to contextualise these weaknesses to understand the real threat risk for the target organisation.

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Adversary Simulation

The real value of an Adversary Simulation stems from its adoption of the assume breach mindset. This makes it possible to assess the effectiveness of an organisation’s resilience to sophisticated attacks.

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About us

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The Lab

June 12, 2022

New technique of stealing data using CSS and Scroll-to-Text Fragment feature.

Method to leak matching Scroll-to-Text Fragments that will power the xsleaks collection as well as CSS exfiltration techniques.

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May 24, 2022

SharpASM / SharpWhispers

Stealthier code execution and direct system calls

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March 23, 2022

AWSome CIS Checker

Automating CIS Checks on AWS and performing suggestions on issue groups

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