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The easy way to resell security penetration testing to your clients: Pen Test Executive is a free and unique service designed to increase your revenue and keep customers satisfied

Look Good in Front of Your Clients

Look Good
in Front of Your Clients

Whether you host data, develop web applications or build networks for your clients Pen Test Executive allows you to provide a seamless Solution that includes independent security validation through penetration testing. If you understand what your application or infrastructure implementation is going to look like at project inception, It is possible to bundle the cost of the testing into the overall cost, saving your customer time and hassle.

Simple & Hassle Free

and Hassle Free

It is possible to set you up with Pen Test Executive within 24 hours, giving you the opportunity to get started QUICKLY (subject to agreeing terms). Using the Pen Test Executive you can create third party proposals for many popular types of security assessments in under 3 minutes, and they are easily customisable. If the test reaches a certain level of complexity, the application will refer the scope to us for review to ensure that your customer requirement has been adequately met.

Increase Your Revenue & Profit Margins

Increase Your Revenue
and Profit Margins

We will provide you with a wholesale price for testing, based on a daily rate. You will be able to adjust your customer pricing at anytime during the proposal generation process, giving you complete flexibility over your margins and putting YOU in control. For Resellers and Solutions Providers, a penetration test will inevitably highlight key areas of concern for your customer, a great opportunity for you to sell them further solutions.

How Does it Work?


Step 1

Logon to Pen Test Executive and Create Quote


Step 2

Simply drag and drop required services into proposal


Step 3

Your bespoke proposal in just a few minutes!

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